East Lawn Folsom Blvd

4300 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento California US 95819
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Founded in 1904 by Louis F. Breuner of Beuner’s Furniture, a big name in Sacramento history, East

Lawn has remained nonsectarian and open to many different cultures, rites and traditions.

The park holds a wealth of California history and depicts the pride with which East Lawn has always been associated. Walk around the grounds of this historic location and you will find the resting places of historic Sacramento figures such as William Land, C.K. McClatchy, and Florence Clunie. But alongside the popular names, are the names of men and women of all backgrounds who chose East Lawn as their final resting place.

East Lawn was built on a commitment to serve the community of Sacramento when a secure resting place was not yet available. That commitment remains as strong today as it did just after the turn of the century.

We also don’t believe in cutting corners and strive to be at our best at all times because that is what you deserve. Innovation in services coupled with sound financial planning and professional care: that's East Lawn.

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